Thursday, July 22, 2010

3 Reasons Shopping for Office Supplies Makes Me Happy

I went to Staples this morning. I don't go often but I love it. I have been giddy since last night when my printer cartridge just could not be shaken anymore into printing without lines across the paper. I am never this excited about shopping ever. I realized why office supply shopping  beats clothes shopping (or shopping for anything else) for me every time.

When I buy office supplies I get a feeling akin to purchasing a lottery ticket with a huge payout and a limited amount of people vying to win. Except for my aforementioned stapler I have no loyalty to any of my existing office supplies. Every pen, every notebook, every paperclip and every file jacket is just one new eye-catching and sale priced replacement away. Because anyone of them could be THE ONE.  The one file jacket design that would suddenly make all of my files finished, legible and alphabetized.  The one paperclip that might inspire me to more compactly combine my many ripped out notebook pages of valuable information.  The one notebook that might make me abandon the current routine of just grabbing anyone of 5 floating around on my desk when the phone rings and I may have to take notes.  Every single item holds the possibility of making my professional life So Much Better.

I can buy a whole lot of office supplies without spending a whole lot of money and I have absolutely no purchaser's remorse about it! I absolutely, as the owner of a company and a very important person in my own basement, am justified in buying a whole cart full of supplies.  I NEED them.  Heck sometimes I even feel superior to the women simultaneously leaving the card shop in the same shopping center because I spent my money on BUSINESS stuff.  Guilt free shopping-does it get any better?

Office supplies don't elicit indecision or self-loathing during the shopping process.  Clothing is sometimes true to size and sometimes not-sometimes I think I'm magically losing weight, sometimes I feel like a heifer-and I don't know until it's too late which way it's going to go.  I worry that I could save money if I wanted to a different point in the season to buy it or  I worry that I'll show up to a meeting and someone will be wearing the same outfit and look really so much better in it than I do. While there is far too much frustration involved in buying clothes and most everything else I feel like  my new pens/designer paperclips/file folders/blank CDs are perfect to buy.  They don't make my hands look fat, they rarely go on end-of-season sale, and I don't care if everyone else has one just like them.

I don't view this borderline obsession with office supply shopping as a bad thing.  It's a quick process that doesn't involve much time. I don't have to go to multiple stores to get my fix since the closest Staples to my house does the trick every time.  Things don't break or run out or need replacing every week. I don't go often enough for the clerks to recognize me so I can still go without applying make-up or clothes that necessarily match. I never come home and decide that the highlighters looked better in the store than they do on the desk and need returning. There are 4 drive-thru opportunities between my house and the store that can accommodate any cravings I have.  All good.

Am I the only one?


Beth Zimmerman said...

You are SO not alone in this! I LOVE them too! Even online! In fact the other day I decided to just LOOK at some business cards (y'know ... for my blogging business) and then I designed some adorable ones and decided to order them! Next thing I knew I had upgraded to better paper and added magnets (for my fans' refrigerators), a mouse pad (that matches my blog), and 2 mugs! At least they threw in some sticky notes! Anyway ... the next day I decided to change ONE word on the cards. They had already processed and SHIPPED them! LOL! Guess I should have thought for 24 hours before pressing *buy now!*

Following you now by the way! Us *older women* need to stick together in this mommy blogger world!

Weasy said...

No you are not alone! I LOVE office supplies! In fact I can feel a trip to Staples coming on........

Lovely to have found your blog - I've added you to my google reader. I run my business from home too but lucky enough to have a bright sunny office with a view!

Carole L Sanek said...

Oh let me tell you I can stand in an office supply store for a while but my husband almost has to be physically removed. On Sunday mornings the first advert he reads is Staples and Office Depot.

bernicewood said...

Hi Jem! Welcome to the bloggy world! I've been here all of maybe 2 months now, and my blog has transformed into something totally different thatn I thought it would be, but I think that is ok. I mean, we DO need to be focused, but we also need to be authentic, and if you like shopping for office supplies, then it is okay to say so! And you know what? You'll find others, who just like you, love when all the school supplies come out so we have even MORE to choose from!