Wednesday, December 5, 2012

We All Work For Someone

When folks ask what I do for a living, especially people that I haven't met before, and I say 'I work from home in a business that I helped start-I'm a real basement-turned-into-an-office entrepreneur', many times they respond with 'Wow, I wish I didn't work for anyone but myself!.  Well...nothing is further from the truth.
We all work for someone, multiple someones.

Today as I write I'm looking through the lists of things I need to get to today. They are all client driven. When clients hire your business-if you're the main relationship manager for your business as I am, they are buying YOU-then you always feel that pressure of reporting to, satisfying, cajoling, negotiating with them. There are reports to send to my colleagues to keep them in the loop as to what our client's expectations are, what is needed from them to make the things happen that must happen to make things run. So I report to them as well.

Entrepreneurship, small business ownership is many things but easy is not one of them. Everyone works for someone...especially an entrepreneur.