Monday, February 11, 2013

Telework, Telecommute, Work from Home...Just do it

People have mentioned to me over the past few years how 'clever' the title of my blog/website is. When this happened in the past I would thank them but never realized that many people thought it was just a title and didn't realize that it was a real description of my work space. I have always just assumed...and yes I know the danger there...that my support of telework/telecommuting/working from home was implied. I have decided to stop merely implying and to start emphatically stating my commitment to that way of work and of life.

While the blog will continue to have post that are varied and more personal life than work life it will also be more focused on working from home. The benefits are too numerous to list but I'm going to hit the highlights here.

  • More productive work
  • More energized work
  • Less traffic during rush hours
  • Smaller carbon footprint
  • Greater feeling of control of one's life
  • Ability to have more diversified workforce
  • More consistent workforce
  • Less downtime from illness or disaster 
  • Better communication among staff
If you have an interest in telework please stay tuned. If you have a small business or are considering starting one, I hope this is the blog for you. If you're the parent of 20-something year old 'children' that won't leave home, this is still the blog for you. :-)

I am also beginning to blog at the new Commute-Free Office blog and I hope you'll read there as well. Those posts will be strictly information surrounding the commutefreeoffice movement.

Tomorrow I'll review some stats on the productivity of home office dwellers and start to talk about how I am productive in my basement corner office.


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